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Detect Technologies

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Know what’s happening

View across vast areas, identify anomalies and threats, secure entry points

View across vast areas
Specialized fixed cameras can see through dark nights and inclement weather providing visibility across vast areas, augmented by built-in self-learning analytics that can learn their surroundings to identify anomalies and enable better awareness and protection 24/7.

Identify anomalies and threats
AI-powered video analytics can detect banned individuals or license plates, brandished or concealed weapons, deliveries arriving on property or unusual activity like loitering or driving in the wrong direction, sending detailed information to alert staff and inform essential actions.

Secure entry points
Access control systems can secure entry points and automatically alert when doors are propped open or breached, complemented by video footage to see who’s on site and know what’s happening in real time or in the past.



Avigilon offers a range of complete building access control technologies and products to secure every entry, turnstile, elevator, parking garage and interior space with state-of-the-art access control.

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Cloud-Based Access Control
Access Control

Avigilon’s cloud-based access control system is fast, flexible and future-proof with reliable mobile capabilities and intuitive access control software.

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Cloud-Based VMS

Rethink security with Alta’s cloud-based video surveillance solution that brings full AI video analytics and operational insights to your existing cameras and systems.

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On-Premise Access Security
Access Security

Secure facilities with Avigilon Unity Access, a scalable on-premise access control system. This web-based solution enables you to respond to alerts from anywhere.

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On-Premise VMS

Transform your video security with analytics that automatically process data and learns from experience. Make informed security decisions using insights from Avigilon Unity Video.

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Fixed On-Premise Cameras
Fixed On-Premise

No matter the industry, requirements or complexity, Avigilon’s comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end video security solutions are built to adapt at any moment as technology advances and new threats emerge.

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Video Infrastructure

Whether you need a couple of cameras to monitor a storefront or thousands of cameras to secure a large campus, using a complete Avigilon solution helps take the risk out of deployment and maintenance.

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TipSubmit is a crime tipping service that empowers citizens to anonymously share information with a quick and simple web submission form.

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Avigilon Unity
On-Premise Security Suite

Avigilon Unity is an on-prem security suite that has all the hallmarks of the original Avigilon portfolio, including ACC, ACS, and ACM. It is designed for enterprises that want to manage their own systems.

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Concealed Weapons Detection

Motorola Solutions CWD is designed to address the active shooter epidemic by taking a proactive approach to keeping people, students, ardent fans, campuses, stadiums, or critical buildings safe.

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License Plate

Motorola Solutions offers a variety of LPR camera systems (fixed, quick-deploy, video-based, app-based, mobile, in-car …) that are purpose-built for your specific needs.

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Workflow Automation

Orchestrate is a simple, user-friendly and cloud-based interface tool that gives administrators the ability to configure and automate workflows that control their integrated security technology ecosystem. These intelligent, automated workflows also enhance efficiency as well as improve response times, effectiveness, and overall personnel safety.

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The #1 vape detector and indoor air quality monitoring device. HALO provides both a real-time Air Quality and Health Index that sends alerts when either index falls into danger zones. Receive critical automated reports that show a healthy indoor environment and/or validate that facility improvement is needed.

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Video Security
and Analytics

Avigilon enhances security with real-time previews and automated alerts, powered by intelligent video analytics. Streamline operations and achieve maximum efficiency through informed decision making.

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Watch List
Creation & Alerting

Detect and alert potential breaches with a secure, controlled watch list of known license plates created and maintained by authorized users within your security team. Expand the power of this capability to detect specific people of interest with the optional inclusion of facial recognition technology.

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