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Be ready with scalable, secure
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Communicate critical information to the right people at the right time with our solutions for enterprise dispatch management. Motorola Solutions technology connects instantly across devices and networks, keeping everyone informed while organizing a response, for proactive decision-making and thorough action plans.


Ally Dispatch Management

Ally Dispatch Management is a single, intuitive dispatch and incident management platform designed to capture and manage incident information in real time.

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Avtec Scout™
Enterprise Dispatch Consoles

Avtec Scout™ Enterprise dispatch consoles are available in four different models that can be mixed and matched across your network, allowing each of your dispatchers to be equipped with the right console for their job.

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Dispatch Logging
Recording Solutions

Eventide NexLog DX-Series logging recorder capabilities are critical to facilitating forensic incident reconstruction and investigation analysis. They are particularly vital in mission-critical settings, such as 911 emergency call centers and dispatch environments.

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Mass Notification Solutions
Mass Notification

Organizations of every size have a need to notify endangered parties in the event of an emergency such as hazardous material, inclement weather, or an active shooter.

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WAVE PTX™ Broadband Push-To-Talk
WAVE PTX™ Broadband

MSI’s WAVE PTX is a network-independent broadband, nationwide, Push-to-Talk (PTT) subscription service that instantly connects your team across any device, from any location at the push of a button.

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